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There are nearly 14,000,000 different ways of arranging any 6 of the numbers 1 to 49. Current opinion is that there is exactly the same chance of any one of the possible 6 number combinations being drawn as any other. In reality this is not strictly true. The odds of winning in lottery are very low. But with good advice one can improve greatly the chances of winning something...............

The lowest number drawn in the life of the UK national lottery has normally always been between 1 and 29. Therefore if you had chosen your 6 numbers from the range of 30-49 you would have automatically precluded yourself from jackpot win. CLICK to see more on this example.

So, if you still wish to chose all your numbers from the range 30-49 you must feel very lucky indeed! Of course theoretically you could still win that jackpot but... probability and reality is very much against you. I implore you to check this concept yourself from any past lottery result from anywhere in the world. You will find that what I have said is perfectly true. to test your luck with them.

This is a simple example of a very complex and thorough analysis we have undertaken. We have checked some 400 similar aspects of lottery draw patterns to produce exhaustive number checking procedures.

What this means for you, the lottery gamer, is that your numbers will more closely match those that the lottery machines turn out each week —i.e. they will be truly random.

Its the same as trying to determine which cards are likely to come in a poker game. You know that they are randomly dealt whether you are playing live or at an online poker site you chose at But you still seem to see some cards more often than others, just like specific lottery numbers come up more often than others. It can only help to know what those cards and lottery numbers are when you play.

Ignore this concept at your peril! It's not magic, just 'get-real' maths. CLICK to see more on this example

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