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If we take the example of the occurrence of only numbers 30 - 49 in a single draw, we find there are tens of thousands of combinations where this can theoretically occur. As each combination is supposed to have had an equal chance of being drawn, on average there ought to have been a combination drawn within the number range of 30 - 49 by now.

Yet this has never happened! Why not? If every combination has the same chance of occurring then why do we see these omissions? It is precisely this kind of anomaly that led us to undertake a huge analysis to see if there was a way in which we could exploit these anomalies.

Similarly, exhaustive analysis has revealed that after arranging the six drawn number in ascending order you will find that :

The 1st number is usually within the range .of......1 - 29
The 2nd number is usually within the range of......3 - 38
The 3rd number is usually within the range of.......6 - 46
The 4th number is usually within the range of.....12 - 46
The 5th number is usually within the range of.....14 - 48
The 6th number is usually within the range of.....30 - 49

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