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We only accept adverts from sites that have 'help for ganbling addiction' within it.

Our policy on Linking is that we insist on your placing our link first on your site. Our past experience has been that potential linking partners never placed our links on their site even after we had placed their link on our site.

You may Link Exchange with us provided the Index Page of the site which is to hold my link has Google PR1 or above.

Do not ask for any linking of your site if it has a PR0. Google may have 'sandboxed' or declared your PR0 site as 'inappropriate'. It would jeopardise our site's PR if we included your PR0 link.

You should also place us at the head of your Links/Affiliates Page for ease of my scrutiny and then indicate to me its precise URL location by email to harry.schneider(at)

We understand Google might frown upon Link Pages greater than 50 items viewing them as 'Link Farms' and therefore not within their interpretation of the true spirit of Linking.

Do not place our Link in an unrelated Link Farm. Our Google Page Rank would be in jeopardy if you did this! (Currently PR3, was PR4 for many years, PR5 for one week)

Our Link must be at the top of any Links/Affiliates page relating to the web site that you are exchanging.

Do not ask to be linked to our home/index/concept pages as these attract good advertising revenue for us.

Copy and Paste the line below:-

Lottery Help Do you really want success in the lottery? Then you really need to check out our site at

After you gave copied and pasted the above to the top of an appropriate page of your site then, and only then, email us with your link details.

Please check that my link works from your site.

We will place your Link at the top of an appropriate Links Page for ease of your scrutiny and send you the precise URL concerned by email.

By the way - we accept text advertising anywhere on our site. See:-

Harry Schneider for


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